Why Organic Farming Is Better

Why Organic Farming is Better

Many people are unaware of the benefits of organic products and the advantages of organic farming. Before talking about its advantages, let’s get to understand what Organic Farming is.

Organic Farming

While it is not new to India as it is practiced since ancient times, the term organic farming was introduced in later 20th century to define farming practices which are carried out without the use of pesticides, insecticides, chemical fertilizers etc.

Organic farming promotes a natural way of farming and production of crops by using organic fertilizers and simple techniques. It was introduced as a healthier alternative to conventional farming techniques. It was thought to be healthy because it didn’t involve application of harmful chemicals and post harvest processing such as radiation etc. It also involves use of farming methods such as crop rotation to maintain the nutrients in the soil especially nitrogen content.

Some advanced methods such as biological pest control are also used and naturally available pesticides and insecticides such as pyrethrin can also be used. Which methods and techniques of organic farming are allowed and which are prohibited are set by respective countries. They may vary from country to country.

Below we will be talking about advantages of organic farming

1. Poison free farming – When you are doing organic farming or supporting it by buying organic products, you are actually support the health of your loved ones and also of numerous workers and farmers in the field which cultivated your healthy products. They don’t use synthetic pesticides or insecticides, and in such way you won’t be exposed to harmful chemicals and they too will be healthy. Many studies have shown that farmers or workers which are exposed to high concentration of such synthetic chemicals may face drastic health problems such as cancer with immediate health issues such as vomiting, dizziness, and convulsions etc. Also, major positive point of organic farming is that it rejects the use of genetically modified crops. These crops are genetically edited to give higher yield by inserting parts of DNA of bacteria or other organisms into the desired crop and hence form part of a never ending debate with respect to hoe healthy they really are. This is done to produce high amount of harvest or fight insects or pest etc.
2. Well regulated – In most countries it’s not easy to put an “ORGANIC” tag on the farm harvest and market it as organic food. Most countries have strong regulations and control over the things that define a produce as organic. Governments give standardized methods to follow and investigations are conducted keep the farming practices for organic in check. Hence you can be relaxed about what you are eating is healthy and produced in a well regulated environment. You aren’t being cheated when you buy “organic” products that are certified.
3. Environment friendly – The practices which are adopted in organic farming are also environment friendly. Not using synthetic pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers is good for the environment. The food chain which is linked to primary producers remains healthy till the top. Hence it also ensures that there is no bio-magnifications of the synthetic chemicals in secondary consumers and the neighboring insects and animals won’t be harmed. It also ensures that the farming soil remains healthy by the use of crop rotation techniques and no use of synthetic fertilizers.
4. Economically Viable – When you eliminate the use of pesticides and all other chemicals in farming techniques, you also decrease the cost associated with them. Synthetic chemicals and also post harvest processes are very costly to operate. They take time, money and labor to operate. After all this in long run they also spoil the soil. This also can be avoided by organic farming techniques.
5. Life stock management becomes healthy – The animals which are used for their produce such as milk, and meat etc, get healthy left over organic harvest to eat. Hence such animals remain healthy and toxin free. Their produce too doesn’t contain the chemicals which may harm you after consuming their meat or milk.
These are but a few of the many advantages that are achieved from Organic Farming. Supporting and consuming its products will surely help you to remain fit and healthy.

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