Organic Food: A Healthier Way Of Life

Organic Food: A Healthier Way of Life

Now-a-days there is a movement where people are “going organic” as they say. The definition of organic food can be complex to understand hence we will make it simple for you. Food which is grown using farming practices that do not include the use of harmful pesticides, insecticides, fertilizers as well as not using radiation to process foods. Studies have shown that one’s health maybe at risk when you consume processed foods as they may cause various health problems such as cancer, diabetes, stimulate fast ageing etc. Benefits of organic foods are enough to compel you to choose them over conventionally or normally grown products.

Benefits of organic food:

1. Organic food is tastier – Various researches have shown that food which is grown organically is tastier or has a more enhanced flavor. This is primarily because products such as fruits which are normally grown are grown with a preference to size and appearance as against flavor. This causes its size to increase but diluting the same amount of flavor.
More nutritional value – As stated that conventionally grown products are more focused on size & looks; this also causes dilution of nutrients such as vitamins, proteins, sugars etc. So you see, every bite you take of an Organic fruit or vegetable, the more amount of nutrients you consume as a result.
2. Safely Consumable – It is well known that conventionally grown fruits have certain amounts of chemical residues remaining from pesticides and insecticides. These chemicals accumulate on the surface of the fruit and worst inside it. This results in almost impossible attempts to remove these chemicals completely. Such pesticides when accumulated in body can cause various forms of cancer; fasten the ageing process, poisonings, whitening of hair and various other health conditions. To avoid such accumulation over time, organic products which are free from such chemicals are best for your body and should be preferred.
3. Environment Friendly – Using pesticides, insecticides, fertilizers causes a lot of harm to our environment. Although conventional farming practices increase the yield in the beginning, in the long run they decrease the productive capacity of the soil due to leaching etc. They also change the pH of the soil making it more acidic. Extensive use of fertilizers in the long run causes salts in the soil to increase enormously rendering the soil useless for farming. This also has a negative impact on the neighboring flora & fauna.
4. Healthier option – As Organic Food doesn’t contain any chemicals it is obviously a healthier option. Studies also show it contains more nutrients in it which are also not damaged by further processing. Processing that use radiation to remove bacteria and increase shelf life may also affect the nutrient content in the products. Organic products aren’t processed further after growing with radiation etc to increase shelf life.
5. Healthy Livestock – Animals which are grown on an organic diet and which are not given antibiotics and steroids for their weight gain are healthy. Such meat is healthy and chemical free for consumption. Research has shown that animals which are given antibiotics for rapid growth can cause antibiotic resistance when consumed by humans. This may even lead to weak immune system. The steroids present in conventional poultry can lead to various ill effects on health as they may completely alter your hormonal balance leading to various problems including physical abnormalities.
Hence by looking at the above benefits of organic foods, it is clear why going organic is a healthier option even if you have to pay a little bit more of money. You will be able to keep a check on the various health related problems & thus saving money and pain of health care in the long run.

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